Apology to India

Sorry India.

We really gave you guys curry (to coin a phrase) in the lead up to the Commonwealth Games and portrayed you as backward neanderthals who couldn’t pull off a major event to save yourselves. We worried about everything from security to hygiene and we even pulled a few nasty stunts to discredit you and make you look incompetent.

We made a big deal of all of the ‘bad’ and said very little about the good. If self fulfilling prophecies were precisely that, then our propaganda alone would have seen the games a dismal failure.

But from my observations you did a pretty good job of making it all happen. I wasn’t there in person (and I actually think it might be time to lay the games to rest) but your management processes seemed to work and there were enough fireworks and regalia to please even Dame Edna.

So – well done India. In spite of the odds you did a decent job.

And interestingly I spotted another blog post on a similar title here.

3 thoughts on “Apology to India

  1. Thanks for the link! Before the games the ABC wheeled out an expert who suggested there was an 80% chance of a major terrorist attack on the Delhi games. Where is he now?

  2. F*** channel 7. What a dodgy, childish stunt. You’d think that there were no real issues in the world by the quality of their ‘journalism’. Will definitely be writing a strongly-worded letter

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