Sounds Like I am a Pluralist

The Emergent convention is being held somewhere in the world and it sounds like a whole bunch of people who blog are at it.

I’m not.

But I really appreciated this summary of Brian McClaren’s session on ‘Pluralism Revisited’.

To give you a taste here are a few quotes:

“McLaren says that our story, GOD’s story, is in fact not a metanarrative, but just a big story – mega-narrative…”

“Do we believe that Christianity can account for all the phenomena of life”if so, then we are not pluralists. But if we believe that Christianity can NOT account for all the phenomena of life – welcome to pluralism.”

McLaren quotes David Bosch, who writes: “We cannot point to any other way of salvation than Jesus Christ; at the same time, we cannot set limits to the saving power of God”We appreciate this tension, and do not attempt to resolve it.”what we do is secret movie download

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