What do you do?…

You come home for lunch and have a very busy afternoon ahead, but you notice that your dog has spewed up everything he has ever eaten (or so it seems) onto his bed and the floor alongside it. There is a massive green/yellow spew pile sitting there and in very un-dog-like form he hasn’t scoffed it back down.

You could:

– clean it up, but you are tired, in a hurry and don’t feel like it… (no really…)

– pretend you didn’t see it, clean up any evidence of being home for lunch and hope your wife finds it when she gets home from school canteen

You know that if you clean it you will have been elevated into the ‘super-husband’ category and your chances of sex have increased exponentially….

You know that if you ‘get caught’ ignoring it then something like the opposite of the above will occur!

What would you do?…

(What did I do?… I’ll tell you later!)

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14 thoughts on “Spew

  1. I just leave it – my dog normally comes back and licks it up!!!

    (I normally don’t feed him for 5 days beforehand though – not true) – but he does come back and eat it!!!!

  2. Your chances of getting sex are null with both options anyway.

    Either she 1) sees it and you lose out. Or, 2) she does not see it as you have already cleaned it up and it will either be a tall story, or a story without any meaningful impact.

    My advice – just hose it away, say nothing and then sit back and watch the olympics until late in the evening – and resign yourself to yet another night of celibacy for a good cause.

  3. dog spew – Super husband – sex…..interesting train of thought! Any good marriage counselor would be interested in what you did about the dog spew, how you shared the incident with your wife, and how you both felt about the entire situation when it was all said and done.

  4. Ok…

    I cleaned it up…

    But the ironic thing is that she had seen it just before leaving for school in the morning but ‘didn’t have time to do it’.


    Ah have to keep you wondering! 🙂

  5. Ah, celibacy. I tried that once.

    I wasn’t very good at it… 🙂

    I’m glad you did the honourable thing.

    You are the bigger man!!

  6. I still think booking a romantic get away for you and your beloved would work much better than cleaning up dog spew…..but that was my advice many many posts ago!

  7. Seriously honey, I can’t resist you dog spew or no dog spew. You were on a sure thing. Now lets chat about dog poo …

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