Stability in the Midst of Options

Geoff and Sherry have written some great thoughts on the value of stability in a transient world.

As a lover of change the challenge of stability is something I wrestle with constantly. And at times like these when I feel quite tired and de-energised the appeal of a new place looms large.

They write:

“Will has suggested that one of the most daring things we can do as missionaries is to tell our neighbors that we are going to be living next to them “till death do us part”. A powerful challenge.”

Indeed! They linked to a really interesting in the New York Times called The Advantages of Closing a Few Doors, which looks at the degree to which we are conditioned to keep options open. Its worth a read to see just how much we fear missing out by ‘closing a door’.

And yet the point of the story is that maybe we live better, more fulfilled lives by closing some doors and having fewer options open.

In some ways its analogous to having a shed full of accumulated crap but refusing to throw anything out just in case we might need it. Having just had a clean the shed day, I have realised that I am well able to close some doors…

And I may need to close some others that drain emotional energy but give nothing in return.

In our world as it is today maybe we need to hear this and act on it?…

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