Start Your Own School!

If you want to send your kids to a private church based school then don’t complain about religious education being taught.

Seriously, if you don’t want your kid to have any religious education then don’t

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send them to this kind of school… Simple… Not rocket science…

Start your own school. Start a private school with no religious framework – go ahead!

But if you do send them a church based school then realise its on their terms and don’t whinge about it.

I am sick of hearing this nonsense…

As you were…

10 thoughts on “Start Your Own School!

  1. More like the DAILY incident when you are involved in a church-based school. Parents want to “cherrypick” the benefits they like and not be influenced by your beliefs. Can’t have it both ways!

  2. Grendel – I have heard this lament several times from parents who aren’t Christians but want a private ed at a church based school.

    I reckon if you sign up for a christian school then biblical content is kind of implicit!

  3. true what you say Hamo, but we have had the same reaction to some of the stuff we’ve seen at your sister school down in joondalup. Sometimes it’s not the idea that there is christian content that is offensive – but how disrespectful that message can be delivered. For eg. at the kids (yr 3) regular class assembly – they acted out a play where certain people don’t get to pass through the “heaven machine” because they don’t love God. Now this is not a church service – this is an assembly item where none of the parents were informed of the content of this item before it was acted out in front of the whole school cohort and all the kids’ families. Not only were the non-Christian parents offended, but so were we – as Christian parents.

    So – yes, a certain part of going to a christian school is being exposed to a christian ethos about the world we live in – but that should always be done with sensitivity and respect, because a school is first and foremost about education not about who gets in to heaven and who doesn’t.

  4. Matt – that is very lame!!

    I’m not for condoning the dicky things we sometimes do.

    I have just been in conversations where people have been trying to shift the ethos of the school to suit their prefernece.

    Easy solution = start your own school!

  5. I wonder why there are no purely secular high quality private schools? Perhaps there’s just no profit in it but it seems to me if someone was to make a non-religious private school committed purely to excellence in education people would be lining up to enrol their kids?

    although some might suggest that many of the uniting/anglican type schools fit this mould with only a nominal link to Christianity..

    I agree Hamo, if you send your kid to a religious school you can’t then complain about religious content in the child’s education… my kid comes home with some fundy ideas from time to time but I don’t complain about it, I deal with it on a parent to child conversation basis.

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