Starting a Mega-church

I was chatting with a friend last night and in our frivolity we discussed planting a ‘mega-church’. I have been pondering the idea further…

It got me wondering what would happen if:

– we set aside a couple of million dollars for seed capital, (this was the first obstacle 🙂 )

– hired a team of brilliant professional musicians

– embarked on an aggressive marketing campaign thru every newspaper in the state as well as TV and radio

– hired the sweetest most comfortable venue in the city

– planned 6 months of absolutely sensational inspirational church services with state of the art technology and amazing comunicators

– hired professional caterers and greeters (hey Bunnings do it!)

You get the idea.

I genuinely wonder what would happen if we threw everything we had into a project like that what would develop…

What do you think would be the outcome?

Would people come?

Of course the other temptation for me would be to run the marketing campaign, try and pull as many people in as possible and then on that first grand Sunday simply stand up and tell them all to get back home to their current church and stop being seduced by the next great thing.

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