Staying Put and Preparing for Rain

We arrived in a little place called Seaforth on Saturday with the intention of staying one or maybe two nights. At $17.00. / night it is a very cheap campground but more than that, it is spacious, quiet and very friendly. After staying for 4 nights we ended up deciding to revert to the weekly rate of $77.00 – an absolute bargain. While all the sites are unpowered, there are a few powerpoints around for shared use. And they get a good workout! Our battery has held up for 4 nights and I reckon we will get thru the week if we are careful.

The Qld school holidays are over so the hoards of kids are gone and it’s now just grey nomads and us. I have to say that the grey nomad crew here are some of the friendliest and most engaging people I have met so far and part of the reason we have chosen to stay on.

Yesterday we made another ‘capital improvement’ on the camper with the purchase of a massive 7m x 9m tarp. The recent rain reminded us of our vulnerability to the elements so for $280.00 for tarp, poles and ropes it seemed a decent investment given we are heading into rain.

It took some effort to get it up and you wouldn’t want to do it daily, but it’s cost is the equivalent of two nights in a cheap motel so we figure it is worth the expense. 

Now we Are covered by at least 2m of tarp on all sides and rain will not penetrate as easily. The flies that come with the camper will protect you in a shower but not in 3 days of steady rain. We are hopeful that if we encounter serious weather we will now be covered… I’ll let you know…

It gave the weekly budget a fair old hit though so staying put for a few days looks like an even better idea now!


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