Stood Up… Again…

Since I have been doing coaching work I have noticed that for every 5 or 6 youth pastors I meet there will always be one who will forget to show up. That’s about one ‘no-show’ a week.

Does that sound like a lot to you or does it sound normal?

I’m wondering what it says?

I guess if I charged them $200.00 a session with a $100.00 no show fee the numbers would drop significantly. At the moment the Baptist denomination pays me to show up and coach them whether they front or not.

The down side of this arrangement is less ownership by those involved. The up side is that I still get paid the same amount whether they show up or not and I don’t lose sleep over it.

Unfortunately there have been two occasions this year where I failed to front” And what was most embarrassing was that they were with the same guy and in my own suburb! I think because I am so used to coaching in a coffee shop and switching off when I come home that I completely tuned out on those days.

I absolutely loathe letting people down like that, so you can imagine what it was like having to call him after the second time” I actually half hoped he was going to politely tell me that coaching didn’t work for him. Now I dread ever ever standing him up again!gangster no 1 divx online

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