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Darryl Gardiner’s Sin Chat from The Work Of The People on Vimeo.

Here’s my old mate Daz Gardiner calling it as he sees it (like he ever does anything else) and kicking up some dust at the same time. If you’re a little offended in the first few minutes then best you hit ‘stop’ and go do something else as he doesn’t back away.

You don’t have to agree with everything Daz says, but at least listen, think it thru and then reflect on what you do/don’t agree with and why.

FWIW Daz is the real deal. He’s stayed in our home several times, spoken at some of our Forge conferences, given back his speaking fee (and a bit more) and even wiped Sam’s butt when we couldn’t hear him calling out in the middle of the night…

He’s lived out the stuff he talks about, but that doesn’t mean you will like what he has to say.

9 thoughts on “Straight Up

  1. Listened and didn’t like what he said.

    I recognise some forms of christianity (legalism particularly) have created sins wrongly…this guy is reacting to legalism…probably as a new liberal against such legalism…both forms of Christianity (Pharisaism and antonomianism) are wrong! – check it out in your bible. Daz is probably an emergent who has lived the legalism treadmill and has reacted 180….but his new position is also not tenable with historical biblical christianity.

    With respect to foul language I think Daz has got it wrong….he may sound ‘authentic’ but we are asked to become more like Christ:

    Colossians 3:8

    “But now you must rid yourselves of all such things as these: anger, rage, malice, slander, and filthy language from your lips.”

    This occurs through the working of the spirit in our lives…would you pray to God with filthy language?

    Why did Jesus come?…..No Daz…not to fix what is broken… but to save the lost through His vicarious sacrifice on the cross…..this is the good news….repentance and the forgiveness of Sins through faith in Jesus Christ.

    Thank you for being able to comment. BTW, do you agree with what he said? Why?

  2. In reference to ‘soiling oneself’, my work mates used to say: “I just gave birth to a Kiwi” 😉

    Daz pretty much [loosely] paraphrases Paul’s letter to the Galatians. But the best thing he said was the last line:

    “Jesus came to make us right again, not to make us perform in certain ways.”

    Which goes for any and all expressions of being the church, doesn’t it?

  3. loved that. especially the part about how we’ve reduced discipleship to simply immersing someone in a certain culture and waiting for them to confirm. so true.

    And in regards to previous comments…I’d say that Jesus coming to redeem us from our sins was in fact fixing what was broken…

  4. Does Brokeness = Sin….yeh modern Po Mo/Seeker sensitive euphenisms/deconstruction for Sin = mistakes, brokeness etc….i’d say call it what it is! Sin.

    People need to be clear about the Gospel message….lot’s of things are broken…my bike is broken…what does brokeness mean?

    Christians want/need to fellowship to encourage one another, to hear good biblical preaching and re-hear about what Jesus has done for them in the Gospel so they can go out into a world with the Gospel to share it with our friends and neighbours. That is a culture I want to immerse myself in….Hearing about this most wonderful Gospel…saving a wretch like me…it’s beautiful.

    Daz presents Hipster Christianity…..Isn’t Daz just staying in the worlds culture or some other sub-culture? Who then is he a disciple of? Isn’t what he is saying just equivocation?

  5. I don’t think so Oiboy, but then it all depends on the lens you look at the world thru.

    I believe the cross is at the centre of the gospel but its not the circumference. When we narrow Jesus message to only that of personal sin forgiven then we miss the much bigger picture of the kingdom – which he spoke about much more.

  6. Oilboy,

    I have to differ with you and I agree with Hamo. I think a lot of the church has narrowed down Christianity to Jesus’ atoning sacrifice on the cross. For sure, this is a central doctrine and central event in history. It cannot and should not be minimized.

    At the same time it should not consume the whole. I do agree with Daz that Jesus came to restore all things. Biblically, I look at the first chapters of Genesis where the creative love within the Godhead erupts and overflows into the creation of not only man but also a dwelling place for God and man. Flump all the pages over to the last chapters of Revelation and you see–the re-creative love within the Godhead erupting and creating a new heavens and a new earth to serve as the dwelling place of God and man (and all creation).

    I think what is missing in atonement-centric theology is a firm understanding and appreciation of the incarnation (the entry of God into His creation for the purpose or redeeming it) and the resurrection (the conquest of sin and death and the establishment of the new creation). In the resurrection we see the foreshadowing of the re-creation/restoration of all things. I think that’s what Daz is talking about.

  7. The only bone I’d have to pick with Daz is that he seems angry and/or defensive. Maybe it’s just frustration but I would think it could be a point of reflection for himself.

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