‘Succulent’ Kelleberrin – Hamo’s Hot Tip for Wheatbelt Coffee

The time in Kalgoorlie was excellent.

It was a combination of relaxing with Danelle and the kids and catching up with friends from the 24-7 crew. We had a great time and came home feeling blessed and revived.

So at 8.30 this morning we began the drive home…

If you are driving thru the WA wheatbelt then chances are you will have very low expectations of any food and coffee you may consume along the way. Sorry country folks, but that’s probably a fair perception!

On the way to Kalgoorlie I stopped in at Merredin and had a coffee and some food that was fairly decent, but not the stuff you’d rave about. Decent country fare, but that’s about it. Kalgoorlie has a Dome which is ok, but quite generic.

However on the way home today we stopped in Kelleberrin… Hardly the mecca for great cuisine, you would think… But having discovered a small cafe by the name of ‘Succulent’ I went inside and saw some great looking rolls and cakes. We enjoyed the rolls so much we thought we’d go back and take a risk on a coffee.

Upon closer examination it turned out they were using ‘Fiori’ coffee. And the finished product showed that they also knew what they were doing with the brew!

Who’d have thought it?

So if you’re making that long drive from Kalgoorlie to Perth and want a decent coffee then be sure and hold out until Kelleberrin and enjoy some fantastic coffee and who am i free food.

4 thoughts on “‘Succulent’ Kelleberrin – Hamo’s Hot Tip for Wheatbelt Coffee

  1. One further piece of advice: don’t let your hubby anywhere near your coffee as he may tip it all through the car! The mouthful I had was definately good!

  2. Ahhhh …. the smell of rotten milk and coffee in a car – memories indeed!!! – no Christmas tree will get rid of that smell!!! Yep – a 35c day in Perth will bring back memories and smells of the Kal trip.

  3. Ah, seems you missed the trick in Kalgoorlie. Right across from Dome, is a small little cafe set up in an old alley-way. Forget its name, but its pretty good. Not at all what you’d expect to find in a town that has over 200 pubs.

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