Sunbeam Bloody Sunbeam

Ok, this is purely for the coffee lovers who may hit a similar snag at some point with their EM6910s.

On the weekend I gave my machine its weekly clean out and noticed that some milk had caked around the end of the steam wand. I wipe it down each time I use but obviously had missed the milk around the end and I needed to chip it off with a screwdriver. (Its the ‘hex’ end on the wand) I also gave the innards a clean with the little cleaning device.

And I have no idea what changed in those moments but when I cranked it up to make a brew I couldn’t texture milk to save my life. From smooth silky milk to ‘dishwashing bubbles’ and no apparent reason…

I couldn’t seem to get the steam wand in the ‘sweet spot’. It would simply hiss and howl like a wild thing instead of making the normal surging noise. As a result the milk just got hot and bubbly and the result was another crap coffee.

I tried various options to remedy things – re-cleaning, adjusting the temp of the steam and anything else I could imagine. Eventually after 2 days of boofy bubbles I had to consider that maybe I had stuffed up the nozzle.

So I rang the guys at 5 senses who are local agents for Sunbeam and had another nozzle sent up ($24.00 including postage)

I got home from work today and gave it a try and the result was better. Not brilliant yet – but definitely a big improvement. I’d say it went from a 2/10 to a 7/10, but not a 9 or a 10 yet.

Call me a fussy bugger, but I think there is big difference between a ‘7’ and a ‘9’. So over the next few days I will be trying to get things sorted and get back to business as usual.

So – if like me, you one day clean your machine and suddenly find yourself inexplicably churning out bubbly, rubbish then it may well be the nozzle…

Anyone else had similar problems?

4 thoughts on “Sunbeam Bloody Sunbeam

  1. After our Facebook convo the other day I think ours might be the same thing, but not to the same extent. Modifying the technique has allowed us to make decent milk again.

    Our machine is a klunker though so there could be many other things wrong with it.

  2. I tried that Grendel, but it seems the adjustment is an ‘illusion’

    That switch is actually an on/off switch and its either full steam ahead (so to speak) or nothing at all.

    I think the Sunbeam might have had the richard…

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