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When we moved to Brighton we made a committment not to do anything that even resembled a Sunday service for at least 18 months. We were very much aware of the inbuilt default settings we all come with and were consciously seeking to re-imagine what church could look like outside of a Sunday gig.

Well today we caved in and had our first ‘Sunday service’. We are committed to spending the first Sunday of each month in serving someone locally who could use a hand.

Part of the beauty of this project is that our kids get to be involved in ministry and service and they enjoy it. Ellie asked what we were doing today… I told her… ‘Oh cool! I love backyard blitzes!!’

Here’s a great pic of the kids working together with Helen to move dirt. The intention was that they move it from the paving to the wheelbarrow, but I think they actually moved it from one area of paving to another area!


As well as paving, weeding and repairing there was also some significant theological discussion. Here’s a pic of Gav & Len who appear to be laying bricks but in fact are discussing the question of women in ministry. Len is a visitor and comes from the ‘deep south’ of WA where this is an issue up for discussion at the moment. We had some great conversation around the pavers.


We finished with lunch and some prayer for the person whose house we were working on.

It took longer than the standard hour, but it was still a pretty decent morning at church!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Service

  1. Hamo,

    Great to see you are back.

    I love this image of Church. Being the hands and feet of Christ out in the world, not stuck in a building.

    The Sunday gig for me has got a little boring. It has lost much of it’s meaning.

  2. Funny, that’s what my family and I have decided to do on Sundays – do something that serves the community. Ideas that we have has are to clean the street of rubbish, help another church on a working bee and holding a BBQ outside housing appartments.

    I also love the idea of a ban on Sunday services for 18 months when planting. It is so easy to default to that way of thinking.

    Keep it up!

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