Sundy Arvo

This afternoon as I was painting some lattice on our verandah I couldn’t help but think that if there is a hell then this is what we would be doing there. Painting lattice is a ridiculously tedious and frustrating task with so many fiddly edges to paint that you feel you will never finish. That was where two hours of my Sunday afternoon went – and I haven’t even finished the first coat yet…

Then around 5.00pm as Danelle got back I decided to head down to the lagoon and see if the little wave just 100m north was throwing anything up. I got there and saw a pile of cars – whale watchers – all checking out the big fish lolling around a couple of hundred metres offshore.

I headed back home and called the kids (its nice living 400m from the beach) and they came to have a look. Ryan and Sy were there so they whale watched and played while I surfed and watched the whale do his thing and the sun sink slowly into the ocean.

If hell involves painting lattice then this was pretty damn close to heaven!

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