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Amongst the various hats I wear I am an employee of Scripture Union WA.

They have kindly adopted Forge WA and oversee us administratively and financially and because of that link when I wear my ‘Forge WA Director’ hat, I am actually working for them rather than for Forge… Its been a great relationship and I have been impressed with SU from every angle.

Recently Pete Barney started an SU blog black book free and asked if I would offer some thoughts on mission and evangelism, so I have a couple of posts over there that you probably won’t read over here.

One is entitled ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ and the other ‘The Gap’. Both look at some of what I have been learning as a western missionary, but I’m sending you there rather than posting them here so that we can get traffic heading that way!

So go check it out.

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  1. That was a nice post Andrew. In many ways your experience of mission and evagelism sounds like mine. As time goes on it is less about big events or inviting people to these big events and more about living everyday life and doing what God asks in the midst of that. Trying to refelct Jesus wherever we go.

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