Talking to Sam

Sam us a very funny little bloke but some days he just can’t stop talking.

Driving home from Cairns last night after a very long day we were both weary so put some music on and settled in for the drive.

Sam wanted to ask questions talk and argue… Here are 3 of our conversations abbreviated to help preserve your sanity.

Sam: ‘mum…? If you dropped your handbag on the road and a racoon started to eat it what would you do?’

Dad: ‘mate that’s a great question. I bet mums never considered that!’

Sam: (missing the sarcasm) oh yeah! Mate you need to watch out!

Dad: (under his breath to himself) hmmm coz there are a lot of handbag grabbing racoons in Queensland…

5 minutes later…

Sam: did you know I can put my the round bits of my ears in the hole?

Mum: your earlobes?

Sam: yeah!

Mum: that’s nice

Sam: oh yeah! It’s very cool!!

5 mins later…

Sam: mum – the moon is following us!

Mum: no it just looks that way honey

Sam: NO! It is following us. Look!

Mum: no Sam – we are just a long way away and that’s how it seems.

Sam: (indignant) Mum. It is. You just don’t get it!

And so the next 90 minutes ticked by oh so slowly…

4 thoughts on “Talking to Sam

  1. gotta watch those bag snatching racoons in FNQ ;-))

    btw, i’ve got these great earplugs, they block about 75% noise, and i have spare pair

    want ’em?

  2. It’s interesting that you mention that… I once had a quokka dive completely into my backpack on Rottnest… I’d only left it on the ground for a minute but he was straight into it head first!! Seriously. Maybe Sam’s onto something – it pays to be prepared and have a contingency plan! ehehehe.

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