Tassie Weekend

It was great to hang out with the Third Place Communities crew for the weekend and to be involved in the Forge Intensive in Hobart, but the trip home and a couple of emotionally draining moments have left me kinda wiped out.

The intensive went well as we looked at the subject of Pioneering Leadership and what it looks like. There was a mixed bunch there, with some missionary church planters and a bunch of people still in established churches. Its sometimes difficult trying to cross that span when you are speaking because the needs of each group are quite unique.

The 6 hour flight from Hobart was rescheduled from 7.00am to 9.40am, a huge bonus because with Tasmanian daylight saving kicking in last night it would have actually been a 6.00am start – and after getting to bed at 1.00am it wouldn’t have been fun!

The trip home was one of those packed planes where they seemed to have squeezed the seats back a few centimeters on everyone and the leg room had all but disappeared. I was glad to get off…

The drive home was good and I can highly recommend Brighton Luxury Vehicle Charter. Their prices are much better than taxis and the service was excellent. If you’re stuck like I was and need a ride then they are good and service all areas of the city.

We had church this afternoon and learnt that one of our team (who we knew was leaving) has actually purchased a house and will be on their way at the end of the year. After being in the same community for over 10 years it was hard to hear. We believe they are making the right decision and we are happy for them, but the sadness hits you on days like these. These are people we have done a lot of life with, seen some good times and some bad, but have come out the other end as friends. I think that is always the test – whether you can get thru the hard stuff.

It was really hard watching our daughter burst into tears as she realised her friends were going and she and Sam were going to be the only kids left in our small church. I found that quite heart breaking. Despite praying for people to come and join us as missionaries we are still just us – and there are now going to be fewer of ‘us’. It was one of those days when the optimist in me started to flag and things looked a little darker.

We also have a difficult situation where a person who owes us $1200.00 is refusing to pay and trying to hang the guilts on us for daring to ask for it… I’m afraid that is just not the way to win me over. If they had asked for us to waive the amount and let it go I probably would have been happy to play, but to just refuse to cough up because you have changed your mind on a deal is pretty lame. To then go from that to try and make us feel bad is even worse. I am mad about that and want to go after them… But I have a feeling that I may end up letting it go. Some things just aren’t worth the hassle…

So I’ll be glad to wake up in the morning and see a new day…

7 thoughts on “Tassie Weekend

  1. hey mate – sounds like you’re having to let a number of things go this week. Hang in there. In regards to the second issue – Steve T reminded me after my car episode that no one can rip off the people of God – not ultimately anyway

  2. Hey Hammo

    Oh mate I can hear myself in your latest blog. First time I’ve gone onto your site actually. Love your honesty. Bit of a motivation to get my own blog happening again. It’s a bit of a habit thing isn’t!? The eternal, it seems prayer for others to join us. Sorry to hear that family is moving away. And the having to let things go, twice in the last 12 months we have had people living with us who have left in very unhelpful ways and ‘ripped us off’ mainy emotionally, but that’s the real killer in your situation as well isn’t?? Are you over for the Melbourne Forge intensive? If so I’d love to try and catch up, love to shoot the breeze with you. God Bless Andre

  3. Yeah you’re right Steve – as I was praying this AM I was asking when is it time to ‘turn the cheek’ and when is it time to call someone on inappropriate behaviour. Not sure yet…

    Hi Andre – won’t be around this time round, but would be nice to catch up some time.

  4. Hi Rev – a long story and not all appropriate for the public domain, but lets say someone was trying to shaft us and then make us feel guilty in the process.

    I have asked is this one of those ‘turn the cheek’ situations, and it may be, but right now we need to help someone undersatdn what we feel in the situation. Danelle did that brilliantly this morning.

    I care about the money, because I don’t like to waste, but I care more about people trying to get it over on others – and doing it sometimes because we are Christians and think we will be a soft touch.

  5. Ah, its alright mate. I think the problem is that i can’t describe the situation in detail as it could be innappropriate.

    Feel free to offer your thoughts though… sleeper hold? 🙂

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