Tell Me Again…

Why are we doing this?…

Every now and then I need to go back to the core reason we are doing what we are doing. Why aren’t we simply following the ‘church planters handbook’ and getting a funky Sunday morning service off the ground with a quality kids ministry, cool music and dynamic preaching?…

Why have we been going 6 months and still haven’t got a name?

Why don’t we take an offering?

Tonight as we spent time in worship together Heidi led us and took us back to the original call – the time when we heard God calling us to leave LBC and head for Brighton.

Those feelings stirred again… What about the vast majority of Australians who really don’t care how much we funk up Sunday? Who will connect with them – unreached people groups who make up 90% of our population? People who are unimpressed with our musical talents and oratory capabilities and programming skills?

If what we are doing isn’t making the connection then chances are we need to explore different ways rather than doing the same thing better. De Bono says ‘if you want to dig a hole over there, you don’t do it by digging the same hole deeper over here’.

In my mind there is a definite place for what we know of as church – the ‘sing and listen’ gig. There are some non churchies who will find it appealing, but if the stats are correct and 90% of Aussies don’t give a toss about our churches then that just doesn’t cut it for me.

I believe we desperately need more men and women willing to be missionaries in their own lands and willing to see it as a life calling – not a hobby.

There are times when I find this whole journey exhilarating – and times when I genuinely would prefer to do something familiar and predictable (never thought I would say that…) but, I can’t look away from the people God has called me to connect with – those who will never wander into a church building, those who think we are crazy and those who Jesus loves just as much.

That’s why I’m here.

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