Testosterone Overload

Yesterday Stuart and I went out for a bash in the 4WD’s up north of where we live and then today Mark and I did the same.

Its all of 400m to bush tracks so it makes for easy access and a lot of fun.

It struck me again just what a blokey activity 4WDing is! Climbing dunes, bouncing over tracks, racing down the beach, attempting the same hill climb 4 times just because you so badly want to do it…

Funnily enough there were no girls out there bashing around – but lots of blokes – just one person per car but each with a mate, all enjoying the day and using up a fair slab of testosterone while they are at it.

On Dec 16 we head off for a week to Margaret River with Stu and family and one of the things I’d love to do is make the trip to Black Point – a 4WD only surf spot about 50kms from there. Its a legendary spot and I have surfed near it once, but never had the right wheels to get back there.

Loving being a bloke!

That’s all…

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