Thank God for Sam!

On Feb 21st we want to do something to mark the birth of our son Sam.

Ok – so its his first birthday (18th) and maybe a little after the event, but we wanted to wait until we were living here before we did a ‘baby dedication’ or similar.

His birthday seems like a good time. We’re hoping to have something on the front lawn with family, church friends and neighbours – a barbecue type of gig with time in there for us to ‘thank God for Sam’.

I don’t know the best term for baby dedications in a mission context (any ideas) so in the absence of better suggestions we’ll call it just that – ‘thank God for Sam!’

I’m hoping it will be a time when we can say thank you for a great little bloke, where we can commit ourselves to the job of parenting as Christians and where our family, friends and neighbours can stand with us in the task of raising our children.

What would you call this type of thing?…pink panther strikes again the divx online

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