That’s More Like it!

Ah – about time…

Finally a revised Bible for those who don’t like all the icky bits about dying to self, trusting God, forsaking wealth etc in the original Bibles. This’ll fly much better in suburbia!

Here is a quote from the developer:

“According to Chairman Mr. De Rijke the foundation has reacted to a growing wish of many churches to be market-oriented and more attractive. “Jesus was very inspiring for our inner health, but we don’t need to take his naïve remarks about money seriously. He didn’t study economics, obviously.”

According to De Rijke no serious Christian takes these texts literally. “What if all Christians stopped being anxious, for example, and started expecting everything from God? Or gave their possessions to the poor, for that matter. Our economy would be lost. The truth is quite the contrary: a strong economy and a healthy work ethic is a gift from God.””

Thanks to Grendel for the tip.

Now all we need is a Bible that replaces church attendance with coffee drinking and we can welcome you back in 🙂

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