The Adventures of the Birthday Turd

Ok… some deep thoughts to leave you with…

Danelle is one of those women who loves to make birthdays special for the kids.

She is amazingly gifted at coming up with creative ideas and making each birthday really unique. This year for Ellie’s 5th birthday she worked with an ocean theme because ‘Ariel’ (The Little Mermaid) is Ellie’s all time favourite character.

Ellie loved it and the hours of work paid off.

As part of the day Danelle made a cake of epic proportions that you can see below. Where it starts get a little interesting is when you look at the bottom right of the picture and see the ‘rocks’ the mermaid is sitting on. Yes… they do look a little turd-like!

Of course it was only as others mentioned it that I actually realised it. (I probably wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. ) However as people drew my attention to this rather unique pile of rocky road I couldn’t help wondering how much fun you could have with a pile like that…

At the end of the day no one had eaten the now infamous birthday turd so we put it in the fridge and agreed to save it to ‘share’ with some friends.

And tonight we were off to church so what better place?!

Maybe we could dump it on the welcome mat?

Maybe we could strategically place it in the lounge room?…

Ok. We’ll settle for the front lawn…

So we get there in time for dinner, dump it on the lawn close to the house and then make a good fuss of the ‘big dog who created that pile!’ Sharron doesn’t buy it, but Graeme gets a look at it and is not impressed. He stomps out to have a look at it… muttering angry noises… Hehehe!! It was fun!

Now the birthday turd is strategically placed just across the road in the middle of Mick’s lawn. He is an avid gardener so I wish I could be there tomorrow morning to see his face when gets a look at it!

Anyway – that’s it for me as I need to get up at 4.00am to get the plane to the Sunshine Coast…

No turd on the lawn when I come home please!

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