The Dowsett Clan

After getting back from a couple of very full days in Melbourne I looked in my diary only to see I had for some reason booked in 6 meetings for Thursday…

Very dumb.

Fortunately my first appointment failed to show (I have discovered that I need to build in a 1/5 ‘no show/forget’ rate in coaching) and another had to cancel. Suddenly the day became much more doable.

After a meeting with our local community development officers to discuss our Brighton youth scene, it was on to catch up with Andrew & Jo Dowsett

and their kids Susannah and Noah. Sitting on the couches at the back of Greens cafe it was great to finally meet up after so much blog talk.

These guys are living in the wonderful western suburbs and checking out whether this is the ‘next leg’ of their journey. It’ll be great to have the family up in a couple of weeks time to hang out and chat some more as well as have them present their story at the upcoming Forge Intensive.

t was great to meet

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