The Favour of God Doth Rest on Grendel

Either that or he’s a lucky bastard.

Go to his blog and find out that he won a car thru the Sunday Times.


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Having heard him ruminate for over a year now about buying a newish car its great to see him not even having to worry. Of course I doubt he and Mrs G & the boys will be driving around in the Mitsubishi Cabriolet Convertible – somehow it just doesn’t say ‘family car’, but hey, once he offloads it then there is plenty of choice out there.

I once won a wheelbarrow.

17 thoughts on “The Favour of God Doth Rest on Grendel

  1. God causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.

    Jesus: Matt 5, Sermon on the Mount

    Take me for a spin Grendal!


  2. Luckier than that though was getting my paving done before Christmas – of course it wasn’t really lucky ’cause Hamo was helping.

    Of course the car is nice too. . .

    My 16 year-old Holden Apollo is NOT HAPPY.

  3. 🙂

    You might as well go to church Grendel, I mean you get enough bible experts arguing here, you get hit up for cash, you get people coming over for coffee, all you are missing is the bad music and the occasional stale cracker and grape juice!!!


  4. Grendel – can I have a go? can I? Huh?Huh? Like I live in the bush and I’m wondering also with you and Hamo in the front seat of that Colt, would it be a 21st C muscle car? Come down to Albany and let’s chuck some Yorkies (Mark E and Toddy knows all about them – eh? fellahs) – that’s what we could do, after I tek some boards to the soft top. Good on yah – mate!!!

  5. Mark’s prescription would see the car’s value fall 50% with just a week on the road!

    Rev, I’ve been to Hamo’s Church twice in the last 6 weeks.

    Didn’t take apparently! 🙂

  6. ;p

    Hey bro, I will be there first week in March, probably my last trip to Perth ever, but maybe I might make it back in the distant future. Would be a shame if we couldn’t have a coffee at your favorite place. I will be staying with Jarrod, but should be able to find my way around.


  7. Yorkies… there’s a term I miss.

    Lost my licence doing one of those…. 🙂

    The Mistubishi would be in very dangerous hands of a 18 year old Mark E…..

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