The Finance Clause

Last weekend, after having two weeks off the market we opened our home for sale again and snaffled a buyer immediately.

The big change to our ‘plan’ was that we began to advertise on rather than solely in the local rag. We knew our price was competitive so we figured that although the market is still very bad, it must have been our advertising that was letting us down.

The bloke we are buying the Yanchep house through offered to do us a sensational deal and be our agent. Compared to what everyone else is asking by way of commission his deal was such that the amount we pay him is negligible. More to the point he’s a good bloke and a good agent. Having dealt with a couple of shockers in the last couple of months he is a breath of fresh air. He was happy for us to sell it, but offered us an alternative at a price it simply wasn’t worth refusing.

Since then he’s done a heap of running around, been in regular contact and has been working hard to pull off the deal for all of us. FWIW his name is John Bloomfield of John Bloomfield Real Estate – a no bullshit operator who tells it like it is and doesn’t schmooze or mess you around.

So in a couple of weeks we will know for sure if we are moving once the young couple who have the offer on our house get confirmation of finance. Pre-approval has been in place, but these are strange times so we aren’t calling it a deal just yet.

Its interesting the emotions you go through in a deal like this. We have been initially excited and watched that enthusiasm wane as we realised how tough the market was. Then I began to feel more enthused about staying – seeing the benefits of a small mortgage and avoiding the pain of moving home. When the offer came in (I was the one negotiating it) I had just about lost interest. I almost made the price unattainable for the people so that we could stay! But since we’ve hit the ‘green button’ my perspective has shifted again and I’m really looking forward to the adventure again.

As much as we try to stay uninvolved and objective its pretty difficult in reality. I can’t control the way my emotions ebb and flow. I can only control how I respond to them.

So in 2 weeks we will know. Is it Butler for a bit longer or do we make the big move north to Yanchep?…

I’ll let you know…

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