The Freedom of the Presso. . .

Ok – I own the coolest new coffee toy.Me and my Presso

And another angle. . .

Another Presso

Elegant eh?

Ok I am talking about the Presso not the model.

The Presso is an Espresso maker.

It requires no power supply. Hot water goes in the chamber at the top, coffee goes in the filter handle like a normal espresso machine, you raise the arms, wait 15 seconds then lower the arms.

Espresso is extracted.

Drink the espresso.

Rinse and repeat as often as necessary.

It is a terrible and wonderful world when a device like this gives you better espresso shots than most cafes.

I was going to leave it at work – I took it with me this morning but I just can’t bear to be parted from it so it came home with me again on the train.

I think it likes me.

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