The fun begins

This week I am off for a few days on a retreat with .acom november son divx download as a Spiritual Formation Director. Scott asked me to replace him, so I will be working with a small group of students trying to help them keep growing in their connection with God. I reckon it’ll be a great experience and am looking forward to it.

The next 2 months see me coming and going quite a bit, not something I am all that excited about, but something that in many ways is unavoidable. We have a Forge National team meeting in Melbourne, an SU conference in Brisbane, Danelle and I take a 5 day trip to Melbourne for our 15th wedding anniversary and then the week after we get back some really good friends fly in from Thailand and we take them away for 6 or 7 days.

I am supposed to do a youth ministry coaching trip a couple of weeks later, and then have 3 weeks holidays a fortnight after that. I doubt either of those things will happen as planned! Right now the calendar is in need of some re-gigging if I am to actually spend some significant time here in Brighton between March and May.

If we didn’t see our primary calling as that of being missionaries then the travel would be no drama – just a great way to spend life – but because we are serious about being based in Brighton for a large slab of the year, the current schedule has my warning lights flashing.

Sometimes stuff is unavoidable. That’s the nature of life. Sometimes you hit these patches. I’ll be enjoying it but also wanting to be home… an interesting tension.

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