The Good Bloke Clause

A few weeks back I bought a trench digger.

Since then I’ve become addicted to it. It is better at digging than I am… faster… and it doesn’t get tired…

However in the last two weeks it has crapped itself on 4 occasions. Come to think of it that does sound a bit like me…

The first time it was a bearing that was shot and the Hire Guys at Joondalup (where I bought it) replaced it for free. Then on the next job a dodgy air-filter meant it lost power and couldn’t dig. They fixed that too. Then on the very next job after 10 metres of digging the internal bearings collapsed and we were back to shovels again. I picked it up yesterday virtually a new machine with bearings, plug, air filter, oil etc all changed.

Today we took it out this morning and after 1 whole metre of digging it decided to ‘lock up’ again. I was a little upset… I reluctantly called Steve at the Hire Guys who was only too happy to help and offered me a replacement while they checked it out.

I don’t think the failures were their fault and I don’t think they were even their responsibility to fix. It was a second hand machine and I understand that comes with risks. And while I’m frustrated at the various failures of the machine I am thoroughly impressed by the attitude these guys have had towards the whole deal. Its the ‘good bloke’ clause where you do what you’d hope someone would do for you. I know the original good bloke who came up with the idea and I think he’d be pretty impressed with these guys.

So I picked it up again today…

I tried it out across the road for 10m or so and it went like a charm. Maybe this time it will be all good. I am hoping so. Either way, in spite of the hassle I have to say these guys are worthy of your business!

1 thought on “The Good Bloke Clause

  1. So glad to hear of guys who actually believe in service and just doing the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing.

    Had a similar thing happen to me yesterday (not relating to retail, a digger or labourious work, but still… similar) and it made me feel good to know that people care.

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