The Importance of Strengths

Ellie got her report today (from term 1) and immediately noticed where she hadn’t

done well. She cracked the sads and let us know she was dumb.

She actually got the equivalent of 2 cs and 2 bs which won’t make her a rocket scientist but neither is it reason to slit your wrists. However in the attitude and effort column she scored top marks in all 15 categories where questions were asked about perseverance, cooperation, respect for others and willingness to get involved.

The problem was she couldn’t read or comprehend the descriptors because they were written for parents, so it didn’t mean anything to her. I took some time before bed to explain them to her in kidspeak and what a difference. She didn’t realise that column mattered either, but as anyone whose been around knows very well ‘attitude is everything’.

When we got back to academia we began to talk about where she could get an ‘A’. I am a firm believer in the importance of developing strengths as a priority rather than bolstering weaknesses. So my offer to her tonight is ‘tell me what subject you love and where you want to get an A and I’ll work with you to see if we can pull it off’.

She has the right spirit so I reckon we’ll get there!

3 thoughts on “The Importance of Strengths

  1. I got B’s and C’s all the time. They may not be A’s but at least they aren’t f’s 🙂 That’s so good of you to encourage her in that way. I’m sure she’ll do great when it’s what she enjoys 🙂

  2. ‘A’ for Attitude is better than an ‘A’ for Arsing-it…

    She’ll do well. And the ‘A’ that you achieve together will mean the world to you both.

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