The Lens You Look Through

Earlier this year I remember reading either a blog or a meme that looked at how we approach challenging or risky situations. (I can’t remember the source – so if it’s you then let me know.)

It said simply ‘what if, instead of asking “what could go wrong?”, we led with “what could go right?

As someone living in a period of personal transition I find myself faced with these questions often. And having become a little more risk averse these days my default focus has slowly shifted to ‘what could go wrong?’

What if I leave local church ministry in QBC and Yanchep?
Maybe I will lose a sense of identity? Maybe I will never get another gig somewhere else? Maybe I will miss the role…

Yeah… Maybe…

But then, if it all “goes right “…

Maybe I will have the time I want to be creative…
Maybe new opportunities will emerge that wouldn’t have while settled somewhere.
Maybe I will enjoy not being a pastor more than actually being one.. (ludicrous I know…)

We have just employed a good friend to work in our business and one of my hesitations over the years about a commitment to staffing is that question again – what if it goes wrong?… What if we blow up a relationship? What if it gets icky?…

But then again, what if our two families lives become beautifully entwined and we get to serve one another in ways we never could if we were simply friends thru church? What if we both help one another get closer to the kind of lives we want to live?

There are so many really good ‘what ifs?’ – if we choose to look through that lens.

In this time of transition, any time I feel myself anxious or rueful about decisions I come back to this question – “what if everything went right ?

And not surprisingly it is energising to do this – to look ahead in expectation of ‘success’ and good outcomes rather than disappointment or failure.

So I’m thinking that will need to become my default setting from here on when engaged in change.

What if everything went right?

I have a feeling the way you approach a process has a fair bit to do with the outcome!

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