The ‘Meeting’ Meeting

Tonight we met to decide what to do in our meetings as a team/community/church.

We really haven’t found a decent rhythm yet and are still making it up as we go (doubt that will ever change!) so what we decided tonight may work, may work for a while and need changing or it may not work at all”

We’ll see”

For the next 6 weeks we will be exploring the sermon on the mount (Matt 6 & 7) and using it as the basis for what we do together.

We now have four smaller groups within the total mix that meet weekly for spiritual formation and the like. We decided that each group will be responsible for pulling together a night each. They will need to use some aspect of the sermon on the mount and lead us in some form of worship, teaching, community building and prayer with kids incorporated in some way also.

Perhaps it’s just me but I love the opportunity to be creative with scripture and to develop an evening that will embrace the truth of the message, yet in a way that isn’t simply ‘sit and listen’.

I really hope each group takes the opportunity to bring some active and imaginative approaches to the whole thing. I imagine we have the potential to learn in new ways and really enjoy our time together.

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