The platypus in our bedroom

This morning I was due to take Herds to the airport so he could head off to Melbourne for the National finals of his bream fishing competition.

It was a 6.00am flight which meant leaving Brighton at 4.45am. I hit the sack pretty early and a couple of glasses of red wine saw me nod off fairly quickly.

All was going well until 2.30am”

Then Danelle woke up with a start and said ‘there’s something in our room!’

I woke up immediately with adrenalin pumping wondering what was going on. ‘Where?… What?…’ I am looking for a person, but not seeing anything.

‘Its got a beak’ she says.

‘A beak?… Like a duck?…’ I ask, wondering what the heck is going on and how a duck could have got into our bedroom.

‘Yes’ she says.

I look for a duck in our bedroom at 2.30am.

‘Sorry – just a dream,’ she announces before going back to sleep.

Unfortunately I didn’t sleep after that. Adrenalin racing and then various noises around the place kept me awake as I wondered if she really was dreaming or if there was something going on. I finished up getting up at 3.30 and doing some work, before going to the airport.

Later in the morning I rang to ask if she remembered the night’s adventure. ‘Vaguely” ‘ then a little bit more” but it wasn’t a duck, it was a platypus” ‘There was a platypus in our bedroom’.

Lets hope tonight he stays away.

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