The Price of ‘Being Bothered’

I came home from work the other day and the dishwasher was stopping on its usual cycle. It would run, stop, run stop and so on…

The filters were clean, the hoses weren’t kinked. Beyond that I wasn’t sure exactly what it might be. ‘A blockage’ the girl at the service centre suggested… but it was draining ok intermittently so I figured it must be the drain pump.

‘You do realise that if its not a warranty issue then it will cost you $121.00?’

‘Yep – no worries’ I said. I just couldn’t be bothered pulling it all apart and fiddling with it. I was tired and the dishwasher was the last thing I felt like putting time into.

Of course by now you can guess what happened. On Friday afternoon the nice man came to our door to look at it. He turned it on and listened for all of 5 seconds to it drain.

‘You’ve got food stuck in the spigot’ He said.

I said nothing. I had nothing to say. There was nothing I could say…

He proceeded to undo the clamp around the bottom hose and sure enough there was crap lodged there – the kind of crap that would intermittently allow water thru and then seal up again.

‘How would you like to pay?’

The cost of ‘being bothered’?

Precisely $121.00.

But you know, some days you just pay it don’t you? Some days its not worth $121.00 to come home from work and pull it all apart, get frustrated and annoyed…

Then again next time I know where to look… Maybe it was $121.00 for an education!

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