The Summer Pattern

Summer is here.

I have been explaining to our South African friends how that works in West Oz. Whereas Autumn and Spring can be days with gentle breezes, summer blows hard.

If you don’t know the pattern then expect:

Easterlies to blow in the morning and maybe even early afternoon on hot days.

A ‘lull’ of 30 mins to 2 hours when the easterlies back off and the sea breeze is yet to arrive.

The seabreeze which usually comes in slowly and builds to a decent blow by late afternoon

Summer in Perth is windy and that’s how it is. Unless its a super hot day expect to be blown around one way or another.

I’ve been chatting to a few friends about giving kiteboarding a go so rather than being frustrated by the wind we can do something that will make use of it. I’m hoping that will be one of my new things to learn in 2012…

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