The Surf That Wasn’t…

This morning Loges and I headed out for a surf… which never happened…

We made the 10km boat trip up to Alkimos – saw 7 guys out in a very blown out wave and decided to head down to a different spot.

Along the way we got tangled in a cray rope and had to stop the motor. Which was fine, except… It didn’t start again… Despite every effort and every attempt after 20 minutes we couldn’t get the stupid thing to go!!

So… time to learn how to use a marine radio.

The good news is that within an hour a rescue boat was there to tow us back to the marina. In that hour or so we had a great conversation and rather than coming back feeling the morning was wasted I think we both felt like we had enjoyed the time out there.

Now… to fixing it!catch a fire download free

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