The Turning

I have just started reading Tim Winton’s latest book – The Turning. As soon as you enter its pages its like stepping into a west aussie coastal town with all the familiar faces and characters.

I love reading Winton because I feel like I know the people he writes about (I probably do!), the boys from the south west town in their ‘uniform of flannel shirt, black jeans and beanies’, the girl who is as ‘thick as a box of hammers’ (yes, it might be you!…) and so it goes on.

My all time favourite is Cloudstreet, followed by Dirt Music and then The Riders. I’m definitely a devoted fan and would read anything he wrote. Actually one of my favourite movies is ‘That Eye The Sky’, an adaption of Winton’s novel. Incredibly powerful!  I wish I could remember where I hired it from as I can’t find it again.

There is an earthiness, a dry humour and a depth of spirituality about Winton’s stuff that just keeps me reading.

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