The Value of People in Your Home

One of the beauties of doing what I do with Forge is that we have regularly had wonderful people stay in our home.

Over the last week we have had Steve & Felicity Turner from Queensland and also Andrew Menzies from Melbourne. Andrew was only here a short while, but we had a great time together. He connected really well with Danelle and I and the kids. He even paid Sam ‘bed rent’ ($2.00/night) for giving up his room and Sam was stoked!

Steve & Felicity spent the week with us and apart from the great conversations we had, the kids again felt like someone else was interested in them and caring for them. Felicity took the kids out for lunch one day and they came back with toys and lollies and all sorts of gear. We had to check our kids didn’t take her for a ride! But she genuinely wanted to hang with the kids and give them some special stuff. Ellie and Sam thought the world of these guys who loved them, talked to them and had fun with them.

Danelle grew up in a house where there were always people coming and going – such is the nature of a pastor’s home in the Pilbara. But my own home was much quieter. We simply didn’t have any need for people to come and go like that. She found it a great experience as she got to meet a whole bunch of people who influenced her life and in many ways were part of her discipleship.

As we sat around one night eating pizza Ellie raised her question about the existence of God again. It was great for her to hear from Steve and Felicity their stories of how God has been there for them and to be able to see that its not just her oldies who are religious nut jobs, but that God showed up in other people’s lives also.

So this post is just a big vote for having quality people in your home on a regular basis. It is great fun for us, but it also helps our kids see God at work in other ways.

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