The Veggie Patch

Back in March we went to the Forge National Summit and one of the things God biffed me with was the need to pay attention to the way we live in relation to issues of sustainability and creation care. It had never been really high on the agenda for me – just another thing to think about… and it had gone thru to the keeper.

However I rocked along to Geoff & Sherry’s elective session – simply because I like these guys – but in the middle of their sessions on creation care I sensed God really asking me to get onto this issue. We have taken a few initiatives, but this weekend it was time to create the much awaited veggie patch.

I picked up some huge limestone blocks for free recently and then got another heap for $50.00 so we set about creating a new garden bed in our backyard. It was our ‘Sunday Service’ weekend and one of our planned projects didn’t come thru so the guys suggested we attend to our own backyard instead. That felt a little odd, as we have got used to helping others, but we were happy to accept the offer of help – there’s no way I could lift those blocks into place on my own!

It helps to have a good mate who owns a bob-cat and a few friends who are prepared to bend their backs. So this week for church we dug in and created the ‘patch’.

Here’s what happened…


The way it was… green, but borrrrring…


Digging up lawn – nasty stuff that couch grass!




30 mins in… smoko!


Getting there…


Hanna & Ellie loving it


Almost done


All done and veggies planted… now…if only you could grow crays!…


Guess who’s a nurse?…

9 thoughts on “The Veggie Patch

  1. Crap! You don’t do things in half measures do you?!! A bobcat…Wow!

    It would have taken me a month just to dig up that much grass, then a year to add crap to the soil…then a month of deciding what do plant…hmmm

    In fact I have just posted about a long slow watertank process. Maybe you could hang out here more often, stuff might get done!

    Make sure you have your 6 hours of sun (min) on all your veggies!

    Did you compost all your grass? I tried to compost 6 or 7 pizza boxes fromour group meeting once, it only took about 3 weeks for them to disappear…never thought I would get a kick out of these things!

    Reading Serve God Save The Planet at present, good read.

  2. We have a garden, and love it, even if we don’t do it for the same reasons you have. So, the first thing that struck me was a fantastic desire to call the number on the back of the shirt to see exactly what would be said.

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