The Walk Beside Has Ended

For the last 4 years I have really ‘enjoyed’ the writing of Cam Harris at The Walk Beside, a blog that started when Cam found he had been diagnosed with cancer. Cam’s blog is one of those rare examples of why some people really should keep blogs. It was funny, gutsy, honest and often disturbing – and did I mention funny?…

I wouldn’t call myself a friend of Cam as such, but we did know each other and I did the ‘walk beside’ albeit via the net. The more I read the less I commented… what can you say when you are listening to the inner turmoil of a person who is following Jesus while dealing with terminal illness?

I’m not a fan of easy answers and for that reason his blog was a breath of fresh air. His visceral writing was at times difficult to read, but it was also inspirational.

Cam died last week and his funeral was yesterday. As you read the blog you saw the inevitable unfolding and even though I and many others prayed for Cam and hoped for a miracle, it didn’t look like it was going to happen.

It didn’t.

I’m sure there is much sadness in the Harris household at the loss of Cam and from this onlooker I’d want to offer my thoughts and prayers.



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2 thoughts on “The Walk Beside Has Ended

  1. He was a significant man who fought to the end, and literally laughed out loud in the face of death.

    Death might have grabbed Cam, but it didn’t stop his legacy or his humour.

    Great testimonies at the service yesterday… but the ‘Harris’ gals (Rosemary, Rach, Ash & video stuff by Carms) were an absolute standout.

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