The WCA Blatant Rip Off – How Silly Will YOU Be This Year?


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beat me to the post on this one.

After the various discussions about conferences around the place we are soon to be hit with the Willow Creek Leadership Summit, but in what can only be described as the most absurd rip off I have come across (since last year’s WCA summit) these guys are going to slug you $179.00 to watch the conference on a DVD!!!

I would credit Bill Hybels with being one of the most influential communicators I have ever listened to. The man is simply brilliant, but who in their right mind is going to shell out that sort of cash to have someone press a button a machine.

If you want to do a conference by DVD then at least have the decency to charge people only for the cost of the auditorium.

I am not one for witch-hunts and exposes on so called corrupt ministers (no doubt some probably are) but this really deserves to be shamed out of existence.

Absolutely bloody appalling…


I had a friend gutsy enough to write to me and suggest this post was out of line because I hadn’t gone to the people concerned first (WCA) and asked what their reasons for the high cost were. He said also that it didn’t contribute anything to the body of Christ, but rather detracted from it because it wasn’t written with a loving spirit.

He’s right and I owe the WCA guys an apology for an uninformed rant. It was very poor form on my part and while my opinions on the cost of the conference may still stand, I regret having written this the way I did.

I figure a public stuff up warrants a public apology. So sorry to WCA and to anyone else who read it and found it unhelpful.

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