The WCA Summit Part II – An Apology

I had a friend emailed me yesterday regarding my post on the WCA Summit which was inappropriate in its tone and criticism.

I hadn’t done any homework and had a rant without solid information on which to base my criticisms.

I rang WCA today and apologised to the Australian director (John) for my comments as they were harsh and quite nasty. I then asked for some clarification on where the money was going. The short version is that they believe they need to charge that amount to produce a quality event and to pay staff to run it, host it etc. I won’t go into all the details.

John spoke to me for 20 minutes and was open to my questions. As we finished the conversation I was still not convinced of the appropriateness of the cost so he offered me a free pass to the two days to go and check it out.

I will be in Broome while the Summit is on, but if you are a genuine skeptic regarding the cost of the project and would like to attend then he has told me I can share the ticket with you – either one person for the two days or two people for a day each.

The deal would be that you would need to attend for the whole time you commit to and then write a fair review for me on the blog here.

If you’re up for it then drop a line in the comments.

In the past I have always appreciated WCA’s commitment to integrity and while I am yet to be convinced of the need for such expense I am again impressed at their up-front-ness.

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