The Weather Got Us…

We were scheduled to head down to Busso this weekend to do some more camping, but the onset of cold wet and windy weather meant everyone baled. Danelle has also been sick all week so it was going to be tricky for us anyway.

So Friday night we watched 2 DVDs – the Painted Veil and some other crap cop thing – and today has been a veg day. The local kids are here playing, I have been reading and hanging out and tomorrow is looking similar before heading to Melbourne on Monday for our Forge National Team meetings.

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6 thoughts on “The Weather Got Us…

  1. It was actually quite lovely down here.

    Ok, so on Friday night, you needed brick & tile around you to prevent being blown to Nannup.

    Oh, and there have been several showers today that chased me inside from gardening.

    But in between, it’s been quite lovely!

    A bad day in Busso is better than a good day in Perth!!

  2. 30 minutes down in margs was quite nice all weekend too! Slight showers…but on the whole wasn’t too bad:)

    I too hope you don’t encounter any storms on your trip;)

  3. It’s raining this week as well, so take comfort from the fact that if you’d postponed it for a week, you still would have gotten wet!!

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