‘The Wife’s’ First Post…

Hi there, Hamos wife here. Blogging is not my medium by any stretch but it is Andrews’ and there is one important thing that has happened that will not make it to his blog unless I write it so … I thought you may like to know that he was awarded (along with a few others) one of our Brighton Citizenship Awards.


This basically means he is valued in our community for the service he does. He has recently taken on our local community newsletter and also was recognized for the work done for those in need (ie backyard blitzs etc). Of course I would have added how great he is in bed, but it was a family day!

So Hamo, take heart, people are touched, stay faithful.

11 thoughts on “‘The Wife’s’ First Post…

  1. Mrs Hamo,

    Nice to meet you. We need to hear from you more. This is indeed exciting. When the first Christians evangelised Europe, they didn’t do it with a tent meeting, but moved into communities and made a positive impact. I believe this is the way to reach the western world today.

    Congrats on the award. Your in our prayers.

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