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Tonight we start our time in the sermon on the mount (Matt5-7) and we look at all that crazy stuff Jesus had to say. It really is quite over the top… The theme seems to be very much aorund that of counter-cultural discipleship – challenging the way we see the world working as we follow Jesus.

If this was Jesus manifesto as John Stott would claim, then its a pretty tall order to fulfill.

I am doing an overview of the three chapters tonight – kind of a birds eye view before we hone in a bit.

Two of the questions I’d like to throw out there are

– What does countercultural discipleship look like in middle class suburbia?

– Can download bourne supremacy the divx you live counter culturally in middle class society?

If Jesus really means for us to take him seriously then we have a bit of a way to go I reckon.

One thing I find interesting is that he only thing Jesus ever posits as another God is money. You can’t serve God and… money. Why not sex? Why not sport?

I sense money is possibly one of the most powerful and alluring substances in our society because everything else often comes with it.

And for middle class people money really is the key… whether we admit it or not.

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