The World is My Toilet

I’m thinking of starting a collection of these and then using them at his 21st birthday.

If we could get one a year it’d quite amusing I reckon!


5 thoughts on “The World is My Toilet

  1. It would be better to supply them to his girlfriend (if he has one) – he’s less likely to disown her over pictures of his butt.

  2. Good move Hamo, there will come a point where physical threats ( because he is bigger stronger and faster) will no longer work but a collection of photos will have great power.

    Having three boys this a regular occurence (especially on long road trips, 20 minutes after your official toilet stop but always after you just passed two slow moving road trains that you spent 19 mins behind…) but did you know that if every Australian did this we would eliminate our dependency on fertilizers.

    Something to think about… 😀

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