The Worst of Perth

Looks like all of our stuff ups in the world’s most isolated city are now on display for the world to see.

This site has the potential to be very funny, but it hasn’t quite cracked it yet…

A few more really bad gaffs ought to get us there!

3 thoughts on “The Worst of Perth

  1. Thanks for the link man. Pity you’re not Uniting Church. Lots of examples on The Worst of Perth from those guys. Struggling to think of any Baptist worsts I’ve done. I could have. Got any churches with glass bricks? Let me know. 15 years of stand-up and I’m still not getting to you funny-wise? I will try harder, although with guaranteed daily posts, I have to burn my sense of humour at both ends sometimes.

    Nice to see you at TWOP.

    LA. X

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