Today I learnt a new word. Theodicy is the study of how a good God can co-exist with evil.

As Danelle and I were talking yesterday this issue came up and it got me intrigued. I am particularly curious about the origins of evil – the ‘first cause’ so to speak.

I had a crazy day lined up today, but all my appointments from 10.00-3.00 cancelled so i wandered down to the library and waded thru about 20 different theology text books to try and uncover some insights into this subject.

It was valuable and I was at least able to come to grips with the different philosphical options that exist (Alvin Plantinga is like reading a maths text book!) even if I don’t have a decent answer yet.

The problem with so much of the stuff written is that you need a philosophy degree to be able to read it. Its heavy going, relies on logic and prior assumptions etc etc.

And you know what?…

Its way to difficult to summarise in a blog post…


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