Thinking Incarnationally

I had a really good conversation today with both Ross Clifford and Phillip Johnson the two authors of Jesus and The Gods of the New Age.

They were both very helpful in explaining how to connect with people at the upcoming healing festival. After 13 years of involvement in this field they really did have some excellent ideas for making connections and engaging people. If you are interested in new age spiritualities and how to relate to people in this ball park then their book is a must read.

Some of the ideas included:

  • using the picture of Jesus face in the snow to get people stopping and talkingUnexpected_faces
  • offering free spring water as a way of starting conversation about water/life etc.
  • using crystals as symbols of the healing that is needed by a person, given that according to new agers each crystal has specific healing properties for specific ailments.
  • foot washing with aromatic oils – ross tells me this is a huge hit and people really appreciate it
  • massage and prayer
  • a simple prayer chair where people come for free ‘positive prayer’
  • explaining the gospel thru tarot cards – you would need a bit of expertise for this and I’m not clued up enough to do this one.

I am excited about the opportunity to be in a forum where people are genuinely seeking spiritual solace and healing. I imagine we will learn a lot this year and may be better placed next year to enter with some degree of confidence.

The danger is that in a ‘pick and mix’ consumeristic religious climate we may become simply another option to throw into the mix… which is why when push comes to shove Jesus is not just the healer… he is the one who calls us to deny ourselves take up our cross and follow him… and him alone.

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