This is Andrew Duncan

Tomorrow I meet up with my mate Andrew Duncan, as well as a few other fellas for breakfast and shallow conversation.

Last time we met we spoke about the whole idea of ‘googling yourself’, and Andrew mentioned that he didn’t rate a mention on google.

So… this is my attempt at putting ANDREW DUNCAN on the map!

Its not the best photo in the world but then you know what they say about the camera not lying…

For those who don’t know him, Duncs is the pastoral team leader at East Fremantle Baptist Church, came to West Oz originally from Canberra and is also the Baptist Churches Evangelism Consultant.

He’s a good bloke and we catch up for breakfast once a month to discuss what we are learning and to chew the fat on life in general. He has allowed me to preach at his church a few times, but not recenlty. He must be boring them ok on his own.

Andrew Duncan is an avid sailor, a pretty useful theologian and a useless carpenter (his own words!) He likes the Left Bank in Freo and is one of the more innovative thinkers around here in the whole realm of church and mission.

So there you go Duncs! If you are stilll a blip on the info-highway radar then it sure isn’t my fault!

See you tomorrow mate.

(Actually – I’m pretty sure the reason you don’t rate a mention on google is because you have a name like ‘Andrew Duncan’. There must be as many AD’s as there are AH’s in the world! Welcome to the minor league of google pages!)

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