This Thing Called Forge

A few people have asked me “so what is Forge

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?” Below is a short spiel I wrote for some of our denominational newsletters trying to encapsulate the Forge vision in a few paragraphs.

It might give you the picture!


The last 20 years have been turbulent times for the Christian church here in Australia – in fact all over the western world. Well known author Stanley Hauerwas has actually described Australia as ‘the most secular land he has ever visited‘, a phrase that would ring true for many of us.

By and large Australian people are no longer coming to church on Sunday, in fact church attendance rarely figures in their weekly plans. There is no question that we are living in a missionary setting and that Australia is a pagan land where Christian faith is now simply one option among many – and because of so many distorted past images its not even an attractive option.

A missionary context requires missionary training and this year sees the commencement of the Forge Mission Training Network, a new form of training specifically designed to equip local Christians to be missionaries in their own backyards. Forge seeks to train up leaders who will experiment with new forms of mission and develop new kinds of churches to connect with those who currently seem to be beyond our reach.

Over the course of 2004 there will be three Forge Intensives packed with high quality training by leading practitioners. The first of these will be from Feb 12-15. For more details on the Forge programs feel free to call me on 0400044236 or email

Forge is pleased to be able to partner with the Baptist churches, Churches of Christ, The Vineyard and Scripture Union in this venture and look forward to seeing new expressions of mission and new forms of church emerge as we share this journey together

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