Thoughts on Superstar Speakers

Ever had one of those people come to your place how is a well known / world renown communicator?

I’ve met a few over the years – some who do their thing, then ‘take the money and run’ and some who seem to be actually interested in what’s happening.

One of my fondest memories from our four day Forge intensive is of the Saturday night session. Mark Sayers spent two hours presenting his stuff and did a great job. There was no expectation that he would do anything more, but Mark helped with dishes and with clean up and my final image of that night is of the guest speaker making his way across the carpark to deposit two large green bags in the dumpster. No one asked him or expected it of him, but he did it.

Now I’m not having a go at those who do their thing, get paid and leave. However Saturday night we saw a bloke who wasn’t just a great communicator, but someone who in his own quiet way showed that he was one of us download batman gotham knight free .

Carrying the rubbish is as powerful a way of communicating as being articulate with ideas. In fact Mark’s actions probably said more to me than his words…

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